Top 10 Most Important Things To Do After Installing WordPress
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Top 10 Most Important Things To Do After Installing WordPress

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Once you have installed WordPress it can sometimes feel daunting not knowing the next step. In this video, we will show you the top ten most important things to do after installing WordPress.

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Summary of this Tutorial:

1) Change the title, tagline, time zone, and favicon to personalize your site.

2) Change your permalink structure under Settings, Permalinks.

3) Configure your reading section under Settings, Reading if you want your posts on their own page instead of on the home page.

4) Delete any themes you do not use to reduce the chance of vulnarabilities.

5) Install a cache plugin to speed up your site to reduce the load on your server.

6) Look in to a security plugin like Sucuri.

7) Install a anti-spam plugin like Akismet that comes with the default WordPress install.

8) Install a SEO plugin, we would recommend SEO by Yoast.

9) Have a sharing plugin on your site.

10) Schedule backups on your site to protect your work.

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